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The Power of "Always" vs. "No Longer"

Posted on August 22, 2017 at 12:10 AM Comments comments (3)
I was having a conversation with a client the other day and we were discussing how to move beyond mental barriers and negativity. I asked her to describe some of the obstacles in her life. Her first sentence was "I always attract negative people." WOW! Let's examine this sentence. The word "always" indicates 100% certainty that something will happen. There is no room for change or a different outcome. By verbalizing that she "always" attracted negative people, she opened the door to negativity with a 100% success rate! I challenged her to restate the sentence by saying "I no longer attract negative people." Let's examine this sentence. By saying "no longer" it opens us up to the possibility of change and the expectation of a different outcome. Because she "no longer" attracted negativity, she had to make better choices in her life. It challenged her to take inventory of the people and decisions in her life that had contributed to her current state. By verbalizing a new way of viewing her life and refusing to accept negative behaviors in those she invited into her life, it enlightened her. Be cautious about the things that you speak into your life through your words and perspective. Sometimes a simple change in language can provide a new way of approaching an old situation. In what ways have you guaranteed a negative outcome in your life just by the way you spoke or thought about the situation? Stay positive! Stay ready! Onward and upward in success! Dr. Angela