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Dr. Angela Speaks

Frequently Asked Questions

Dr. Angela Anderson always emphasizes the need to view leadership as an evolving process. To reinforce this idea, we make every learning experience an enriching one at Dr. Angela Speaks. The insights we share apply to a variety of organizational settings. Read on to learn more.

How far in advance must services be requested?

We strive to accommodate our clients as much as possible. However, it is recommended that clients secure their dates as soon as possible to increase the likelihood of their date being available.

What should clients expect when working with Dr. Angela?

Clients should expect professional and customized services. The goal is excellence on every level. At Dr. Angela Speaks we are committed to providing the solutions that benefit our clients most.

What are the fees associated with securing Dr. Angela?

Fees are established based on the need and time requirement of the organization or individual. Detailed information is provided after the initial consultation.

Can clients secure Dr. Angela for multiple services?

Yes! A number of organizations request trainings or observations as well as coaching for their employees.

What is Dr. Angela’s book about?

Have your ever felt stuck in one or more parts of your life? Would you like tools and techniques that are the key to moving ahead? This book is for you! Stay tuned!

Get Started

The best time to prepare for leadership will always be now. Call us to book Dr. Angela for consultations, speaking engagements, and training sessions. We would be glad to schedule one for your company.

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