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Dr. Angela Speaks

Leadership Success Stories

Company owners and managers always evaluate business decisions based on actual results. At Dr. Angela Speaks, we use the same yardstick. Whenever we hear success stories from the people we have trained, we know we have truly achieved our goal in empowering them. Allow us to share some of their stories with you:

Dr. Anderson discussed strategic tactics that will take any company to the next level. She's committed to quality, growth, and excellence. She is a change-agent that will be the catalyst to spark any environment in need of cultural revitalization. In addition to her professional qualifications, Dr. Anderson has personal qualities that make her well-suited to leadership. She's not afraid to take risks and often suggests new directions to explore. She has been instrumental in introducing a new direction that has proven to be very fruitful in my personal and professional life.

- Candace M.

Dr. Anderson presents as engaged throughout the event, assimilating unassumingly to get to know participants and then delivers meaningful insights, coaching, and feedback.

- Sterlena T.

Dr. Anderson will have you walking around with a mirror evaluating yourself and being accountable on a daily basis. 'Who shows up when you arrive?

- Tehrian M.

Dr. Anderson's delivered a message that I will remember both in my heart and mind. I truly believe what's from the heart reaches the heart. She makes you feel comfortable, relaxed, and thinking. The understanding of her message was very clear. She observed things about us as we entered the room and after her message, she interacted with us. Her personal testimonies touched my heart and I could relate. The message was strong, powerful, touching!

- Helen L.

Dr. Anderson's presentation was timely and well-received. Her delivery was genuine and related to all.

- Letitia R.

Dr. Anderson was an excellent facilitator and provided our staff the much-needed jolt of energy to press on through our busy season! I would request her to come to all our off-site meetings in the future.

- Lori R.

Dr. Anderson is a phenomenal speaker! She captivates her audience with real-world experiences and ignites your spirit to work and leave your best life!!

- Tonya D.

All people can benefit from Dr. Anderson!

- Lisa W.

I believe our team was in a rough patch due to some transitions and adjustments made earlier in the year. Dr. Anderson's session gave us the motivation we all needed to get back on track and moving in the right direction.

- Kirstin C.

Dr. Anderson was very positive and energetic. She understood the team and what would be needed to enrich us. I found Dr. Angela Anderson to be fun and adaptable to the audience. Dr. Anderson's interaction and activities invited us all to learn and grow as individuals.

- Clint A. 

Dr. Anderson lit a fire under me. Her presentation was awesome. It has encouraged me in my journey on both a professional and personal level. I used to use the phrase ‘I stay ready' a lot and not until I heard her presentation that I realized that I have not said that in a long time. But now I am starting to say it a lot again. Even when I am not ready, I use that as an affirmation and put that positive energy out into the atmosphere to make myself aware that I gotta stay ready. I wish I had a ‘live' recording of the presentation so I could listen to it often and share with others for encouragement. It's good to see the information but you got to hear her speak to get the full effect! Totally awesome job!!!

- Uretha S.

Dr. Anderson was amazing. Her delivery of the material was well done. The event was very energizing. She is an excellent facilitator, and if you have an opportunity to attend one of her events please attend because it could be life changing.

- Gail F.

I felt that Dr. Anderson was very engaging and delivered information that was very useful whether it be in the workplace or in our daily lives. Dr. Anderson would be great in any setting. I think she would be great as a speaker at a conference, workplace or religious. She is a dynamic speaker!

- Cheryl V.

Dr. Anderson had a fresh message, one I had never heard before. Her energy and testimonials about her kids really brought her message full-circle. Dr. Anderson has great energy and her positive spirit exudes throughout her presentation!

- Karlisa K.

She was great! She related very well to our business and mission, tying everything back to that. Very impactful.

- Jennifer B.

Dr. Anderson met with us before our event to make sure she had the right talk track and the right message for our group. She was wonderful to work with and delivered a great message. Dr. Anderson is an amazing speaker that will exceed your expectations! Dr. Anderson did an amazing job. She was prepared, engaged with the audience and really drove a powerful message in a relatable way. Amazing job!

- John D.

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